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Supported Browsers website is compatible with most popular web browsing software

As of 08/31/2018, we support the following web browser versions:

Browser Recommended Version
Internet Explorer Icon Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) Version 11 or later
Microsoft Edge Icon Microsoft Edge (Windows) Version 42 or later
Mozilla Firefox Icon Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac and Linux) Version 61 or later
Google Chrome Icon Google Chrome (Windows, Mac and Linux) Version 68 or later
Apple Safari Icon Safari (Mac) Version 11 or later
Apple Safari Icon Mobile Safari (iOS) Version 11 or later
Google Chrome Icon Chrome (Android and iOS) Version 68 or later

How to update your web browser

Out-of-date browsers can cause security, accessibility, and usability issues.

While some web browsers automatically update when a new version is available, others may require a manual update, or in some cases, an update to the device's operating system. The following links can help to determine how to update your browser: